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Winter Night


Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River, AlaskaCreative Commons License Bureau of Land Management via Compfight

Hi everyone,

In the picture you see people sleeping in a tent in Alaska. They’re on a ski trip and it’s most likely FREEZING. You can see how they are traveling on their snow shoes. By the looks of it, it’s just one person. I would be scared all by myself.

What would you do?

I wonder do they hunt for their food or do they have it in their back packs? It looks like there is a fire in their tent but it’s probably flash lights.  Where are they going next? Are they at their elevation or are they still hiking?

If I was up there I would be scared of BEARS. I’ve seen them a lot but if a bear was at my tent I would freak out.

What do you see?

Tell me in a comment!


  1. Hello Nate,
    I bet it would be really cold out there too! I probably wouldn’t be able to live out there because I don’t like the freezing cold! I would rather be in the burning hot sun then cold weathers. I also would be really scared by myself because of the thought of wolves and bears being near you…. I think the sky in your picture looks really pretty with the mountains and the trees. Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Hello Nate,

    I liked reading your poem, I thought you put some good detail in it and made the reader want to read more. I would never go up on a mountain so far away from civilization! It would be scary. And bears, that would be very,very scary!

    Have a wonderful day!!


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