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March 14, 2018
by Nate

How I enter my first ski competition

Me and Gavin were get of the Bus and there was people with comp jerseys on  i drooped my skis and ran down to the tents and i said i’m here to sing up they said were are your parents i said we took the bus then is said were on the freestyle competition team she said were is your coach i don’t know  they said you have ten minutes to find a coach or a family member i said okay as Gavin pulled his skis ans polls and mine i said Gavin come on fast we drooped are ski and ran they said we have 5 minutes  and remember were in all of are gear ski boots and every thin i ran up stars  and ask a guy in the ski shop he hey Shawn can you be my uncle for a competition  he said ya we ran down stars and he sined forms and we got 5 worm up laps and the competition was on we got two runs and it was age categories so i was 13 -14 and ther was 5 features  2 on the left and 2 on the right  and at the end a feature that you could hit if you when on the left or right  and i got 1st and my friend got 2 st

thanks for reading my post Nate

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