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November 23, 2017
by Nate

Jesper Tjader

Jesper Tjäder he flips through the air doing a double cork 720 he is a freestyle skier for Sweden he was born in Östersund May 22, 1994 (age 23) he made his own freestyle park him is the best or second best cause of bobby brown he is going to aspen x games this year
The first learner trait Jesper uses is risk-taking. Jesper is risk-taking every time he gets up in front of thousands of people to ski. He knows he could crash, and feel embarrassed. He still gets up there and gives it his all, doing his best freestyle moves and getting lots of air.

The second learner trait Jesper uses is confidence. He has to have confidence to get up on the ski hill, and come down on skis’ at speeds up to 20 and 60 mph. He does flips, spins, and jumps way above the ground that win him a lot of different trophies, in different skiing events.

The third leaner trait he uses, is to be enthusiastic. Every time he would falls, he’s get back up and do it again. He would be enthusiastic when he built his own freestyle park, because when something went wrong while it was being built, he had to stay calm so he could get it the way he wanted it.

I was influence by him when I first saw him. I was watching Bobby Brown on and he came on the next video. When I first saw him I had no idea who he was. When I saw the whole video I searched his name up and watched more videos of him.

Near the time I first saw him, he was going in to Aspen XGAMES which is where all the big pros go every year for a competition. The video that I first saw of him was is the one at the top of this post.

I can’t wait for this years Aspen X Games with Jesper Tjader, Bobby Brown, Axle Hall, Tom Wallach, Oscar West and more. Last year the winner was Oystein Braaten. In second was McRae Williams and third place was Alex Beaulieu-Marchand.

October 31, 2017
by Jan Smith

About Me

Hi Skiers!

My Name is Nate.

I live in the Comox Valley. I’m 12 years old and I’m in grade 7.

I love sports and the outdoors. My favorite sport is Freestyle skiing at Mount
Washington B.C. I mountain bike there in the summer. I started skiing
at the age of 3.

Now I stopped playing hockey lasted year to ski on a
freestyle traveling team for the Mount Washington ski team. I’m
sponsored by Apache Pine. They saw my videos and emailed me.

And in the summer the things I do are cliff jumping, bridge jumping and
flipping, motocross, surfing, mountain biking, skate boarding, and
hunting. I don’t like the summer as much as winter because I prefer

I have a 10 year old brother that plays rep A hockey so when I
am not skiing we are traveling for hockey.

I like dogs and I had a Newfoundland dog that was 180 pounds. I want a Burmese Mountain
dog. I learned to ski in Canmore at Lake Louse. My favorite youtubers
are Tanner Braungardt and Casey Neistat.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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