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paradise does not have to be tropical

June 22, 2018
by Nate

west coast trees poem

West Coast Trees  

Tall trees touching the sky 

Jagged bark running to its top  

Hundreds of spikes stick out, dripping of sap  

The sunlight sparkling through them

Bright green sparkling needles    

All the trees sway like very small waves

March 14, 2018
by Nate

Death In Space Man Gets Ate By Worm

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.


Ate by a worm 


We left the earth on a rocket ship on of are crew  members open a window and flew right out the window and we never saw him again.  We landed on the moon the view was super cool my crew members slowly opened the big doors I hoped out and slowly landed on the moon I floated around I heard weird grumbling but I thought it was regular so I kept floating I landed on a bunch of bones and when I landed the grumbling got louder I kept walking around and there was a big  hole I looked down there a I saw two eyes looking up at me and it shot up and stopped for a second and looked right at me I froze a chill when down my spin and he gulped me hole and then I woke up.  

March 14, 2018
by Nate

How I enter my first ski competition

Me and Gavin were get of the Bus and there was people with comp jerseys on  i drooped my skis and ran down to the tents and i said i’m here to sing up they said were are your parents i said we took the bus then is said were on the freestyle competition team she said were is your coach i don’t know  they said you have ten minutes to find a coach or a family member i said okay as Gavin pulled his skis ans polls and mine i said Gavin come on fast we drooped are ski and ran they said we have 5 minutes  and remember were in all of are gear ski boots and every thin i ran up stars  and ask a guy in the ski shop he hey Shawn can you be my uncle for a competition  he said ya we ran down stars and he sined forms and we got 5 worm up laps and the competition was on we got two runs and it was age categories so i was 13 -14 and ther was 5 features  2 on the left and 2 on the right  and at the end a feature that you could hit if you when on the left or right  and i got 1st and my friend got 2 st

thanks for reading my post Nate

December 23, 2017
by Nate

Mount Washington

Snowy trees at night Gerald Oskoboiny via Compfight

Friday December 8 Mount Washington OPENING DAY !!!!!!!!

on opening day me and Carson got the very first run we were waiting in line for 2 and a half hours we got to go through a mount Washington  banner and there was the mount Washington film maker and photographers my ski got stuck on the banner and i thought i was going to be pulled off the chair lift and we also got very last chair that day to


October 31, 2017
by Jan Smith

About Me

Hi Skiers!

My Name is Nate.

I live in the Comox Valley. I’m 12 years old and I’m in grade 7.

I love sports and the outdoors. My favorite sport is Freestyle skiing at Mount
Washington B.C. I mountain bike there in the summer. I started skiing
at the age of 3.

Now I stopped playing hockey lasted year to ski on a
freestyle traveling team for the Mount Washington ski team. I’m
sponsored by Apache Pine. They saw my videos and emailed me.

And in the summer the things I do are cliff jumping, bridge jumping and
flipping, motocross, surfing, mountain biking, skate boarding, and
hunting. I don’t like the summer as much as winter because I prefer

I have a 10 year old brother that plays rep A hockey so when I
am not skiing we are traveling for hockey.

I like dogs and I had a Newfoundland dog that was 180 pounds. I want a Burmese Mountain
dog. I learned to ski in Canmore at Lake Louse. My favorite youtubers
are Tanner Braungardt and Casey Neistat.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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