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paradise does not have to be tropical

June 22, 2018
by Nate

west coast trees poem

West Coast Trees  

Tall trees touching the sky 

Jagged bark running to its top  

Hundreds of spikes stick out, dripping of sap  

The sunlight sparkling through them

Bright green sparkling needles    

All the trees sway like very small waves

June 22, 2018
by Nate

skiing poem


Driving up  

the sun shining  through your window   

you feel so exited  

you see the Valley  

You get all your ski gear on  

you clip in  

Hop on chair 

you’re at the top   

so happy  

we have such a nice mountain  

you ski down in to the park with snow spraying in your face 

And the nice cold breeze  going up your facemask  

And you just wish this day would never end. 


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