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The Big Snowfall

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It was a very snowy day on Mount Washington, our ski resort. I was finished skiing and it was dumping snow. Me and my friend were waiting for the bus but after an hour the bus was not there yet so I called my mom. I told her about the delay.

We knew the bus would be crowded so when we saw it we tried to walk our calmly like nothing was going on. We thought we’d get down quickly but it was the opposite.  We kept getting stuck even though we had chains on the bus tires.  It took an hour to get out of the parking lot!

It was getting dark. There were cars in the ditch and two buses flipped, blocking the roads, and a couple of  snow cats broke too.

Now it was pitch black out and we would move 20 feet every hour. I called my dad and he was going to drive up but there was police cars everywhere blocking the roads.  I thought I was going to be sick but we finally got down and I realized that we got on the bus at 4:00 pm and got home at 11:30 pm. Six and a half hours on a bus!

The next day the mountain was closed. There were pictures of cars buried and the chair lift too. You can see pictures and a video here. That day someone went to the out back and fell in a tree well and died. He was not found that day and the snow buried him. That was very sad.

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  1. Hi Nate,
    that sounds like an awful long time to be on a bus! Jeez, I would’ve skied down if I had to. I guess there wouldn’t be a lot of snow on the road but still you could go in the ditch or something haha. Bye now, that’s all I had to say. Sincerely, Trey

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