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Mount Washington


Snowy trees at night Gerald Oskoboiny via Compfight

Friday December 8 Mount Washington OPENING DAY !!!!!!!!

on opening day me and Carson got the very first run we were waiting in line for 2 and a half hours we got to go through a mount Washington  banner and there was the mount Washington film maker and photographers my ski got stuck on the banner and i thought i was going to be pulled off the chair lift and we also got very last chair that day to



  1. Nate, That’s incredible and a memory you will never forget. Last year it was on my bucket list to see snow covered mountains and I made it a point to make sure I saw them. I live on an island and grew up sledding on the walkways going onto the beach, never on the dunes. That was my snow covered hills growing up, but to see actual snow covered mountains in Stowe, Vermont was incredible. I saw a half frozen waterfall, and I went snowmobiling and snow boarding for the first time! I hope you were able to save some photos from that memory! Keep on adventuring and good luck in school Nate!

    • Thanks Natasha
      and an month later there was a big snow fall it was on the news and were waiting for the bus an it did not come so we when’t back down and waited for the bus an hour later we saw a bus an there were a bunch of people waiting for the bus and we slowly and regularly walked out and ran to the bus in a huge snow storm we got on the bus and we thought we were safe and that was the opposite we moved 20 every hour we got on the bus at 4:00 pm and didn’t get home till 11:30. we have done this and it worked if you have an old snowboard try to dunes ski or board. from Nate

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